Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

We had a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday in Longmeadow yesterday! Jafred and I went to Candy's house (Chris's mom), and were joined by Emily and Cedric (who came out from Michigan), and Melissa, Em's good friend from UMich who is now living in NH. Everyone cooked incredible food, adding their own unique flavor to the meal: turkey and fruit stuffing, brussel sprouts with garlic and bacon, sweet potatoes, collard greens (sukumowiki), garlic mashed potatoes, cranberry-orange sauce, sweet potato and raisin bread, gravy, finished off with pumpkin pie with whipped cream - all of it homemade!! everyone for such a great day.

Cedric, Em and Melissa working wonders on the stove:

Em and Melissa

Candy and Chris
Cedric and Jafred, smiling probably because they are about to eat!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Remembering Taowee...

It has been almost one year since Christina's dear grandmother, Taowee, passed away. I have been thinking of her alot lately, and have a distinct feeling she is having an influence on our lives. I can't explain it, only that from the Baha'i Writings we know that we can effect people in the next world through our prayers, and that they can also influence us. I have no doubt that being the caring person she was, she is still intimately involved in all of our lives, maybe more than we can ever know. Here is one of my favorite photos taken with her (at Alec & Linda's wedding in VA). , about 6 months before she died. Love you Taowee!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Great Flood of Hampden Street

This was an eventful week primarily because the office where we work in Springfield flooded. A pipe somewhere on the floor above us burst last weekend, and by the time it was discovered on Monday, the whole building was wet, wet, wet. Most of the week was spent packing things in boxes, drying important papers with a combination of paper towels and hair dryers, and building muscle moving furniture. Argh. On a lighter note, this week, we had a birthday party for Chris's uncle Hank, and Chris took some photos of books that her mom's friend is going to sell on Ebay. They were unusual books, rather old, and someone in those particular fields will have some great finds. Like a real fashion photographer, this photo shoot was taken seriously. No, really, it was fun, and a nice change of pace after this rather trying week!

This photo is of Chris's mom, Candy.

Here is one of those books I took a photo of...next stop, Sports Illustrated!

Uncle Hank with a birthday card!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Corn, corn, magical corn...

Some people have asked us more about our corn growing efforts this past summer. It was fun, alot of hard work, and we had a month or two of eating lots of corn, picked right before we wanted to eat it, in all its different colors and sizes. Here are some photos for proof!