Monday, August 31, 2009

Yesterday's Harvest

This is the harvest from our garden yesterday. Enormous zucchini, tomatoes that have been spared by the blight, and some peppers - happily, one odd purple one. As you can see, Tesina is open to trying new foods and she munched/gummed several cherry tomatoes. Later, seeing that Tes would eat them, Fazal was willing to try one tiny bite (it got a wrinkled nose as a review). The corn is almost ready, and the cabbage and carrots are a week or two away. So despite some strange and difficult weather, and a state-wide fungus alert, we are pretty happy with how much we are able to eat from home. Jafred enjoys the preparing and planting part, and I like the weeding and harvesting part, so it's added a fun dimension to our summer.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yesterday was 90+ degrees and we were lucky to have koko take us first to a pool and then to a spray park. Can you tell who enjoyed it?

Our Brave Girl

Thanks to everyone's prayers and good wishes, Tesina came through her surgrey on Thursday very well! She had a benign lesion on her head removed. She was born with it, and although it poses no immediate risk, this type of immature skin can have a higher risk of cancer later in life - so it was worth the drama of going through it now to avoid that danger later. We shaved her head just before and the doctors did say it made it easier for them. Everyone at the hospital, from the cheerful receptionist, to the nurses, to the doctors in the PACU were all wonderful, and we thank them for their compassion as well as their skill.

Her bandage after the operation

After having her head shaved! Since she was born with lots of hair, we hadn't seen her bald before...
The lesion that was removed

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Garden Time

Our girl with a mint leaf in her mouth

Jafred doing some major weeding...and thinning out the tomato plants affected by blight. Standing in front of the watermelons, between the the carrots and tomatoes.

swiss chard and spinachtomatoes and cabbage
Tesina doing her part to support nature