Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just a note...

This is basically just a photo blog of our lives, but since we haven't posted any pictures recently, I (Christina) thought I would just write a quick note to let everyone know that we are fine!

Jafred returned from Kenya on June 5th, happy and refreshed from being immersed in relatives and everything "kenya", and despite some serious jet lag, started summer session classes the very next day. So for those of you trying to get in touch with him or waiting to hear from him, please don't take it personally, he is intensely busy. We do have some great photos from his trip, and will try to post them soon.

I am doing well. Just entered the third trimester and feeling so blessed that we have gotten this far healthy...our lives have already changed by having this child with us for the last 6 1/2 months "just behind the veil". There are days I feel huge, and days I feel small, days this little footballer kicks like Beckham until I can hardly breathe, and other days s/he seems to take long naps. I hated having to take the glucose test (they test for things like diabetes) because I had to drink 50 grams of glucose and the poor child went completely bonkers from the sugar high - I felt terrible, but the woman with the big needle (oh, eh-hem, the nice nurse) had strict instructions.

I have loved getting advice from people, especially my mother-in-law in Kenya, who despite the distance and difficulty in communicating, has managed to send me messages through other people of things I should do or be careful of!! I don't know how many babies she has helped bring into this world, but I wish she were here as my own midwife!

Funny story from today...I couldn't finish my muffin this morning, so I brought it outside to feed to the "ladies" as I call our neighborhood chickens. They always come flying when they see me because I almost always give them some food, especially leftovers. I figure, hey, they give us eggs, the least I can do is share my snack with them. I don't think they'd ever had a banana nut muffin before, but they liiiiiiiked it. In fact, one flew up near my face to try to take it before I could break it into small pieces (I always insist they share, the little hogs....yah, right, as if they pay any attention to my human ways) and I screamed because it surprised me and then another one, that is usually the most docile, grabbed the paper muffin cup out of my hand and ran off with it!! It was so funny to see the other chickens run after it, with this big piece of crummy paper hanging from her beak. (yes, eventually I got it back after sufficiently alarming her, so she wouldn't go choke on it or something. Slowly but surely I am learning the ways of the farmer. Speaking of which....

Our garden is coming up nicely although we are lacking enough rain. I took the hose out the last two nights to water it and little sprouts started to peek through the dirt. It is satisfying to watch happen.

Now I have rambled on....but know we are well....we are thinking of all of our friends....and we will put photos both of Kenya and ourselves up soon.