Friday, November 10, 2006

The Great Flood of Hampden Street

This was an eventful week primarily because the office where we work in Springfield flooded. A pipe somewhere on the floor above us burst last weekend, and by the time it was discovered on Monday, the whole building was wet, wet, wet. Most of the week was spent packing things in boxes, drying important papers with a combination of paper towels and hair dryers, and building muscle moving furniture. Argh. On a lighter note, this week, we had a birthday party for Chris's uncle Hank, and Chris took some photos of books that her mom's friend is going to sell on Ebay. They were unusual books, rather old, and someone in those particular fields will have some great finds. Like a real fashion photographer, this photo shoot was taken seriously. No, really, it was fun, and a nice change of pace after this rather trying week!

This photo is of Chris's mom, Candy.

Here is one of those books I took a photo of...next stop, Sports Illustrated!

Uncle Hank with a birthday card!


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