Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some recent sweetness

The times we have together, relaxed and happy, we just eat up like ice cream. Especially as the parents, we try to cherish every second of these moments, knowing they won't last long at all...

Sometimes big brother Fazal gets all in Tes's face...
... But she gives it rigth back to him! HAHA We are discovering she is no push-over...
Baba and his precious daughter!

Can't get enough of it...they don't sit still for long.
My little munchkin

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What we're up to

Well, clearly we haven't taken many photos lately. We've been spending time outside, especially in the garden! Tesina is starting to taste foods, other than mama's, and seems prone to liking them even though she is not sure quite how to swallow. She laughs when she sees herself in the mirror. And you can see from the photos that she can really hold up that cute head. Her big bro got his first taste of batter in these photos. We try not to keep sweets in the house so this was quite enjoyable for him.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another congrats to new 'rents out there!

Best wishes and Good luck to Amelia and Alex who just welcomed baby Eleanor into their cute family!
Following their first few days with their baby on their website brought up so many memories of our first few days with Faz and Tes.
That disbelief that this has happened and the little person is finally, finally and yet, already here.
That knawing exhaustion that challenges you to face another day with a smile on your face. Yes, indeed, the sun rises everyday, without fail, whether you are ready or not.
That joy that tries to break through the exhaustion when the little person looks up at you and you want to just admire their eyes and point out all their cute features, but knowing you have to get down to the serious business of feeding them.
That invisible tattoo on your forehead that reads "I am now responsible for another human beings survival".
That sense that you now know why you should never get between a mother bear and her cub, because she will attack.
The complete surprise that the little person actually does grow, change, and become more independent, even when you were paying close attention.
That heart-pounding, choked up feeling you get when you hear someone else's kid crying in the store, and you think of everything they and you are going through.
The absolute sense of pride and accomplishment when you see your two babies smiling at each other, pulling at each other's feet, and laughing as they realize they have a permanent, in-home buddy.
The cuteness that never stops...

Thursday, June 04, 2009


A big congrats to our good friends Dana and Jeff on the recent birth of their baby boy, Sawyer!
They were in our original birthing class at the hospital before our sons Fazal and Chase were born... :-)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Best Buddies

Faz and Tes are developing a very sweet relationship. When he wakes up in the morning, he isn't happy until he sees her. When she isn't being held by one of us, her big brother can keep her entertained with songs, talking/shouting, and his circus moves...he tries to pick her up, but that can't happen yet for a number of reasons :-)
She likes standing with help!

Love the long legs and big feet....headed for a tall future.

Fazal thought this was great!

Fazal says more clear words now in what seems like a mix of English and Luhyia: like mama, daddy, baba, kuka, koko, bubble, google, hot, up, pork, juice...plus understanding what we say in both languages. It is very exciting! Plus Tesina is a big talker naturally so we think she'll be trying to keep up with her brother quickly.