Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mother Nature

Just when we finally post something and show how little snow we've gotten this winter, the very same night, we get a real snow storm! Well, not a storm really, but enough to put about 5 inches on the ground. It started while we were at the gym last night, so we drove home in 4 wheel drive, low gear, and still had to be careful not to slide all over the unplowed roads. It was a fun adventure.

So here are a few more photos from this morning. A bit more snow, and Jafred shoveling us a path out of our driveway....thanks luv!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Snow (a little)

It has been quite a while since we posted anything on our blog...we were on a bit of a break from our routine (aka. Jafred didn't have school for 5 weeks) so we were out of our semester routine, and on the computer less. But to assure you we are happy and healthy we better add something! Here are a few photos of the MOST snow we have had this winter...very, very little. This is a good or a bad thing, depending on who you ask around here. Anyway, enjoy a taste of western Massachusetts (these are all views from our house) and be in touch!! C&J