Thursday, July 19, 2007

a few more photos...

From the same week (see last post) a few more pictures. Here we are - Christina is about 29 weeks preggo in these photos. Now 31 weeks...and counting... :-) Chris's mom, Candy, in her well-gardened backyard.

Some of you will recognize the little garden sculpture of the boy riding the fish that Lydia and Mom are standing next to. He used to live at Taowee's house.
Alyssa!! good luck with your move, sweetie!!

Recent Photos

Some photos from the 4th of July weekend. We were so lucky that that week, Christina's aunt Lydia from Illinios and cousin Alyssa from Texas decided to come and visit us in western Mass! It is a rare occasion that this lovely little corner of the world ends up on someone's itinerary, so we were really excited. Thanks for visiting you two!! More photos next post....