Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We have to thank Christina's mom for forwarding us these photos as the process of putting new batteries in our camera has seemed an arduous task.

We wanted to go the new Museum of Springfield History primarily because they had a showing of antique cars and motorcycles. Fazal is pretty into vehicles these days, and I have to admit, I really enjoy antique cars myself (some were more than 100 years old!) Afterward, we wandered over to the older section of the musuem which houses dinosaurs (a little scary for a 2 year old), an African section (Fazal loved the stuffed animals and the short films where he danced to the music the whole time), and some real turtles climbing on rocks and swimming....
Fazal wanted to stay watching the turtles much longer...

Admiring the motorcycles
There is also a Dr Seuss scultpure garden (Fazal didn't know what to make of this)
Two recent photos of Tesina. Yes, we are getting ready for winter. At least we'll have her cuteness to divert us from complaining about the weather :-)


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