Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fazal and Tes

Which book do you want to read?
Tes is wearing her brother's shoes :-) They never sit still...seriously, it is go go go go go. It is great that they are keeping each other company these days. They follow each other around constantly...sometimes Fazal reverts to crawling so he can be on Tes's level.
This photo was supposed to show Tesina's two little teeth - but instead it is evidence that she was trying to eat a blue sticker...
Dancing to his own singing :-)
Need me to fix something?
Go go go go go go go go

And for those winter days ahead of us when going outside is not an option, we bought this bounce house so the kids can get out all their energy. Fazal loves it and uses it everyday. Tesina wishes she could get in it, but for now stands along the edge screaming with delight.

Fazal's school photos (taken right at his second birthday.) We were so happy that they came out so well, we ran right out and framed them!
Our postings have not been as regular or as varied, but we forge ahead thanks to the encouragement we get from those of you who complain when we haven't put up anything new in a while. Life continues to be a challenge as we expect it to be, but our family is doing great, we get great joy from the addition of the children to our family, and we count our blessings each and every day. As busy as we are, we don't want to take a single moment for granted. And let us know how you are doing! We love hearing from you...


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