Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Weekend Adventures

First stop: the Boston Duck Tours. I had been wanting to go on this tourist attraction for 10 (!) years and finally had my opportunity. It is a humorous tour to important sites around Boston, riding in a WWII amphibious supply vehicle, so the excitement is that the tour is given in the water as well as on land. Our "con-duck-tor" drove the vehicle around the streets of the city first, telling us all kinds of history, and then drove right into the Charles River and it becomes a boat for about 30 minutes, and then drives out of the river and back on the streets. Very cool. Fazal agreed it was pretty neat and now says "Big! Boat!" wherever we go.
We learned that Boston is a city of firsts in the whole USA: the first public school, the first public library, the first American chocolate company (you see what stands out in my mind), the street where Benjamin Franklin was born, the longest continually operating hotel, the oldest churches, and much more, plus more modern sites like the sites where many movies and tv shows have been filmed, etc. The con-duck-tor especially had fun telling us about the Puritans, and as someone born in Massachusetts, it was really interesting. Fazal would have thought it was even more fun if we'd let him jump overboard into the river, but that didn't happen.


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