Sunday, April 05, 2009

Fazal wants to go outside...now...so get ready...

Fazal can now open the closet door and start picking out a hat, gloves and jacket to wear (not always his) to impress upon his parents the urgency of going outside. Opening doors has its pros and cons...you can just imagine how nice it is to be able to say "Fazal go and throw this away in the garbage can" and he opens the closet door and throws it away; and how unsettling it can be for him to open the front door and wave to us "bye-bye" when we live on a street where the cars drive way too fast! It is exciting to watch him grow - he is already so tall at only 19 months old - and every day brings something new....

You can also see we cut his hair this weekend. Everyone loves his curls, but we are not raising a fashion model, and we need life to be simple right now, so short hair does the trick for all involved.


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