Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Hello everyone. We are still here. Still awaiting our next arrival. (Who, according to a recent ultrasound, may arrive with a lot of hair, but we'll see). We are nursing winter colds, ear infections - who ISN'T longing for the end to this winter. Jafred is travelling up to the university twice a week this semester. Not so fun in the snow, but going well. We haven't taken photos in the last week or two, so I thought I'd just list a few of our favorite things:

Fazal's current favorite books: Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel; Katy and the Big Snow; Blueberries for Sal; and Global Babies

I must stop and mention here the author of the first two books I just listed, Virginia Lee Burton. A female author, obviously. But she wrote these books, and others, in the 1940's. She wrote them about big industrial machinery, like a snow plow that is also a bulldozer and a steam shovel and construction sites...AND she gave these machines in her books women's names, like Mary Anne (the steam shovel) and Katy (the snow plow). Can you believe it? We are talking about the 1940's!? Am I crazy or should we all applaud her? She not only wrote the stories, she did the illustrations, too. And they are detailed, and technical, and instructional, with little pictures labeled "truck gas shovel" and "portable compressor" and what a 5 ton truck looks like in comparison to a 7 ton truck. Anyway, she's my new hero and I wanted to share that.

Favorite anti-itch/stretch belly lotion (for the preggos out there): Body Shop Vitaman E lotion

Favorite place to buy maternity clothes: Old Navy

Favorite recent study: I just read in the newspaper about a study that demonstrates that the countries in the world that pose the highest physical threat to its female citizens also pose the greatest threat to other countries on the international level. Hmmmmmmm. Makes sense, doesn't it. Where women have voices, aggression and hostility tend to go down and other forms of non-violent problem solving emerge. So, big wigs in power (and all of us), you might want to work a little harder in the female empowerment deparment if we ever hope to live in a more peaceful world.

Will share more news on the family front when we have it.... :-)


  • At 7:46 PM, Blogger clara the brit said…

    I'm pretty sure Blueberries with Sal is one of Matty's all time favorite reads. Fazal has excellent taste--obviously. :)


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