Monday, January 26, 2009


Fazal taking a nap at home:
Then we should explain why this is newsworthy. As long as I can remember now, Fazal has acted totally uninterested in taking naps. After getting up in the morning, he just goes and goes and goes, until at night he is finally tired and boom, is tired enough and sleeps pretty well through the night. Which was all fine and good for a while, but recently it has been a bit hard for all of us - we all need a little rest. Then we learned that at school, he DOES nap, which made us wonder....to make a long story short, this past weekend, while visiting at koko's house, around 1pm Fazal seemed to walk over to the couch and tug on a blanket. Koko said, hey, maybe we wants to lie down. So we threw the blanket on the rug, and sure enough, Fazal lay down on it. We put another blanket over him and voila! He slept like that for two hours! The next day, Sunday, we were at home and his grandpa came for a visit. They were active for a while, reading, then tossing a ball, then doing this and that, and Fazal was all wound up, laughing and shouting loudly. So remembering the previous day, I threw a blanket on the floor and said to Fazal, okay whenever you are ready for your nap, here's a blanket. Without even hesitating, he ran over to the blanket, lay down, and slept for TWO AND A HALF HOURS. I actually sat down and read a real live newspaper...ahhhhhhhh So this is big news in our household. As Jafred said, we just have to really get to know our kids and try to understand them as individuals, espicially before they can tell us clearly what they want and need.


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