Monday, October 27, 2008

A Day

I wish I knew how to send photos taken with my cell phone to my email account so I can also post them on this blog. (anyone? anyone?) But I don't so you'll have to use your imagination. After work today, I took Fazal outside - well, he usually leads the way - onto the driveway. Fazal has been enjoying the piles of leaves that have been collecting around the edges of the stone walls and driveway as the trees are almost bare and the wind blows them into interesting patterns on the ground. I grabbed the rake and started raking the leaves into a pile. Fazal, attracted by the loud scraping noise and the leaves being swept up higher than his head, came running to see what is this?!?!? We were laughing and having a great time and then I realized that if I wanted to be constructive, I could just think of this as fun and continue long enough to actually clear the driveway and get all the leaves in one pile. I am not much of a follow-through person, but I did it anyway because the air was a bit warm and fresh. Fazal ran back and forth through the piles, sitting in the larger ones when he realized they were kind of soft, and played with them in his hands. He only ran for the roadway once and my heart raced as I realized how fast he moves on his short little legs toward el danger zone...

Later, we came inside and I realized that I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. Not that woman almost 6 months pregnant shouldn't rake leaves, but perhaps not quite so vigorously when one has not given ones belly any exercise in the memorable past. I lay very still moaning a bit on the couch while Fazal looked at me sort of sympathetically, and then picked up a 5 pound pumpkin that his grandfather had given him yesterday and proceeded to make me laugh (ouch) by lifting it up with Olympic weightlifter grunting noises, taking big stocky steps towards me, and dropping it off on the floor with a loud "thud" before picking it up and placing it under one of my knees...For a few minutes he entertained himself (and me) by doing something he started to do a few days ago - picking objects he often bangs his head on by mistake (table legs, the wall, etc), and gently bumping his head against them as if to reassure himself that it isn't so bad after all. Like someone practicing the "stop, drop, and roll" fire drill, only someone who is less than 3 feet tall and only 25 lbs. I only dragged myself off the couch 15 minutes later when I realized that the consequences of not feeding Fazal soon were much worse than the pain of getting vertical again. The kidney beans were in front of him for 10 minutes before he decided to pop one in his mouth, but once he did, the sprinkle became a rain storm - he must have eaten at least 50 red kidney beans, one after the next. (Luckily, we have not found this type of bean to cause much "pollution" unlike some other kinds) ooh-la-la enough about our day...

We have lost a few people recently and so have been reminded of our mortality. The incredible quote by Baha'u'llah, "I have made death a messenger of joy to thee. Wherefore dost thou grieve?" is some consolation, but we feel deeply that we will only know how this can be so after we too pass on to the next world.

Otherwise, we want to send special greetings to Vahid, Jafred's brother now serving at the BWC in Haifa. We are so proud of you and know that you will grow immeasurably while you are there.

To all our other friends, good night.


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