Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More good times from vacation

Not only did we get lots of beach time in Maine, we also got to see our dear friends Perrin, Shane and Mia, as well as Perrin's mom who was visiting from far away!
Here are the dads and their kiddos. Mia is 6 months older than Fazal, totally adorable, and a live wire!
Then with moms...
Can't see this too well, but for those of you who know Perrin's mom, she's on the right.
Too bad this didn't come out a little better, their expressions were cute!
Self-explanatory happiness!
This is one of Fazal's more dramatic and less inviting faces, the one he uses when he's really not getting his way.

Fazal and Shane!

A sweet mother-daughter picture

On a different note, I am really walking well these days! I prefer walking to crawling for sure. I am also getting better at turning corners, turning around, and getting up even when my hands are full. Walking is an art that I still have to master, but I am doing my best!


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