Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Curious George" lives at our house

You know the children's book about Curious George, the adventurous monkey that gets into everything? Fazal is him in a different form. We haven't posted in a while for many different reasons, not the least of which was Fazal's 2-week battle with e coli....ugh. He is all better now and as energetic and curious as ever. He loves when we chase him, which entails him crawling a few feet away from us, turning around, we lunge toward him, and he shrieks and laughs and crawls a few more feet away, and so on. These photos show a few of the things he's been into lately...
He finds "drums" everywhere - this one in the form of a lint roller and a trash can.

This was the day he discovered the fun of pulling on the toilet paper roll. Since this day, the toilet paper now has to live out of reach.
Here he is climbing on daddy's backpack to get a closer look at the bookshelf...
Almost within reach....
As I write he is clearing all the CD's off of another shelf and onto the floor - talk to you later!!!


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