Monday, June 02, 2008

Next Stop: Iowa!

Next on our vacation, we travelled to Iowa, a state that none of us had been to before!
We had several friends to visit, so on we went...

Fazal meets Bahia!
Jafred and I served with Leila and Nuri in Haifa at the Baha'i World Centre and it was so nice to see them again. Bahia is only 6 days older than Fazal so we were really excited to see them together. These two photos is from when we first arrived. Leila is holding Bahia while Jafred introduces Fazal.

So cute!!!
Here we are with Nuri, too, as the babies get acquainted.

The dads on a walk around the neighborhood.

Bahia is such a smiling little bubble of joy, so at first, shy Fazal had to be encouraged a lot to interact with her.
And in the same town in Iowa we got to see Susan and Elijah, who are expecting their own little bundle of joy this summer. We sadly don't have a photo of Elijah, but we really were so happy to see you both!!!! We know you are going to be awesome parents.
A happy Kenyan reunion. By the day we left, they were good buddies. You can see from these photos that they are very close in their development - they both wanted nothing more than to chew on these blocks and practice sitting and crawling. They were similar in so many ways.
Thanks Iowan friends for having us, we can't wait to see you again!


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