Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Best $5.99 We've Ever Spent

The splash pool was bought just in time for the grueling heat we are getting this weekend!! This was Fazal's first time in water aside from his bathtub, and he LOVED it!!! You can't really tell from these photos because it was hard to capture, but he was shrieking with delight at the cold water, smiling, laughing, and most amusing to watch, spinning himself around on the slippery plastic bottom of the pool. He'd spin and spin, and then splash his hands in the water and it would go all over himself and the deck (and when I was lucky, me. I didn't fit.) And then he figured out that he could climb in and out of the pool (with some help).

If you don't believe me when I say it's hot, remember I lived in Israel for 3.5 years, and this my friends, is worse, because of the humidity. Thanks to the splash pool, good times could still be had despite the horrible heat.


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