Thursday, May 29, 2008

Road tripping

On Tuesday, May 20th we hopped in the car at 5:45AM and headed west. While the car ride was still a novelty, Fazal did very well. We drove through New York, the southern-most part of Ontario, Canada, and then on to Michigan.
Some 15 hours later, our first stopover was visiting some friends in western Michigan: Joe, who is from the same area as Jafred in Kenya and his delightful wife, Myra. We absolutely loved meeting them and staying in their home. It was fun to compare notes about the USA and Kenya....You made us feel like family!!! We are sorry we had such a short visit and did not meet the rest of your family, Myra, but next time!! Best wishes with all your upcoming, newlywedded adventures!! Lots of hugs from all of us....


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