Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Learning to Eat

I mean, if you ate like this, would you wear a shirt?
Prunes, yes prunes, are a favorite of mwana here, and the applesauce you can see on his chin are a close second.

It is pretty cool to note that Fazal's great-grandmother, known to all as Taowee, used this highchair when she was a baby herself. Whether she was the first, we don't know. We are going to have to update some of it's (non-existent) safety features but otherwise it is perfect.
All cleaned up to hang out with koko!


  • At 4:01 PM, Blogger The Eady-Naraghi Family said…

    Wow! So clean, it is like nothing happened!!! :) Bahia needs to learn from Fazal his great appetite, she is not much of an eater, so we really enjoy watching Fazal's pictures... oh! so great! I wish one day she looks like him and I need to clean her up!!!
    We soooo wish you guys can come and visit, it will be wonderful! Susan & Elijah said you may come this summer, and we surely hope so, you can always visit here and Madison, they are kind of very close and we know both families that are so close to you will enjoy your visit -and we too!! :) You are most welcome to stay with us, but we don't want war with them, so if they read this, it is an invitation "in case" something happens and JC&F can't stay with you, okay??? :)
    Love and hugs!!


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