Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A red sweater kind of day

Hi everyone! Here are a few photos of Fazal ahora. What is he up to? He loves mashed bananas, and is pretty open to avocado too. Carrots - major mistake. He had his 6 month appointment last week and is a healthy little boy. If you can describe a baby as strapping, I guess you would, because for some reason, many people here have nicknamed him "bruiser". Well, him mama is anti-boxing, anti-football, and anti-pretty much any other sport that can break a neck, so he'll just have to deal. Coaches, stay away. He is quite ticklish, in his ribs and on the soles of his feet. When we pray as a family, he seems to know something is going on so he tries to stay quiet. He laughs loudly a little like a duck and it really makes people laugh...

self-portrait with mama


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