Monday, January 14, 2008

Tub Car

We have discovered a simple way for Fazal to sit on his own, which is more important than it may sound because he can't yet sit up, but he will only stay lying down on his back or his belly for short periods of time before he gets tired of it and wants to be more "involved" in everything. He does a million sit-ups trying to get himself upright so after he exhausts himself he gets upset. And just TODAY he has started to roll over (!!!!!!!!) so we cannot take our eyes off of him for long, even if he's just on the floor. As soon as we figured out what was going on, he had rolled over three times and was under a table!! Thus, the mirable tub car. :-) We put a soft pillow on one side and cover the edges with blankets and voila! he can sit up on his own, watch us as we go from here to there, and play with his knit ball and generally just enjoy getting to see what is going on more than he can from his back. It's like a car because all he would need is a mini steering wheel and he would think he was driving :-)

From the view on the table he supervises his parents
Fazal's first trip to Maine! And of course, the all important first trip to LL Bean...well, he may not be aware of the general interest and history of the place, but we took a photo of him sleeping in front of the big LL Bean boot anyway :-)


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