Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Welcome to the Community Fazal

On Saturday, Nov 3rd we hosted a party at our home to welcome Fazal to the community. The theme was "It takes a village to raise a child." In Kenya, at least where Jafred grew up, that was quite literal, and we would like Fazal to feel as though he is surrounded by a support network, an extended family, if at all possible.

It was attended by local family, long-time family friends, a few Baha'is, as well as others. Em & Cedric helped us a lot in the organizing and they MC'd the program. People brought prayers, poems, other readings and stories to share in honor of Fazal. In the Baha'i Faith, there is no particular tradition to bless a baby, like a baptism or a bris, but this party was our own way of doing this.

We want to thank everyone who participated - it really meant a lot to us!


Candy, Fazal, Steve, Bella

Above: Jeremy and Gail Below: Lois

Paul & Linda talking to Steve
Karen, Ginna, Linda, Chris and Paul

Candy and Bella (who is the cousin closest to Fazal's age!)
Hank and Cedric
Jafred and friends

Bella, Karen, Christina and Tom
Candy and Fazal were greeting people at the door
Opening the beautiful gifts for Fazal


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    There is a lady in the 6th picture down that sort of reminds me of Taowee.


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