Friday, November 30, 2007

5 days short of 3 months

By next week, Fazal will be 3 months old. Right now he is taking a cozy nap under a blue fuzzy blanket, being hugged by a long-eared stuffed rabbit. If the camera batteries weren't dead, I would definately take a photo. So what is he up to these days?

* He wakes up usually twice a night to eat and have a clean diaper. But usually he falls asleep again within 15 minutes. We have been trying to perfect the art of keeping a baby asleep during the night. We feel pretty lucky in this department.

* He coos and babbles and squeaks and laughs quite a bit. He has a heart-melting little grin so of course we adults are always trying to make him smile

* When we carry him around, he is only happy if he is now facing out so he can see everything going on; when we turn him around and he faces our shoulders, he squirms and his face gets all red!

* He can now entertain himself for about 30 minutes without any attention from us, lying on his back and looking up at some little animals hanging above his head, including a zebra, lion and giraffe, and he "talks" to them a lot. Does he think they are buddies? Or edible, perhaps?

His playyard (playpen) is placed in between daddy and mommy's desks at work, so it has enabled us to watch his development throughout the day. Some days we get lots of work done, other days the focus is on him. It's a pretty unique work environment for the States we suspect, although ironically it somehow resembles more of an African family/child/work set up.


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